I always leave a conversation with Soo Yee mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually refreshed as her deep listening, observations and suggestions help me picture next steps that energise me. The sessions are life-giving because her work comes from a deep sense of care and respect for people, and this means helping those she serves find courage and confidence in the midst of change.

Gerard Ee

Executive Director, Beyond Social Services, Singapore

I’ve been very fortunate to benefit from coaching sessions with Soo Yee. I’ve always enjoyed her mentorship but what I truly appreciated about the coaching sessions was the structured time to reflect, the safe space to verbalise my concerns and the respectful but challenging nudges that made me explore my own experiences for valuable learning lessons. My sessions with Soo Yee were opportunities for deepening self-discovery that I hadn’t expected but gratefully welcomed.

Asian Regional Leader

An international association of accounting and law firms

Soo Yee has a very wide range of experience. She has effectively led complex transformation projects, business development teams and has been an integral part of a global executive team. Her deep understanding of how to guide people through change and help them adapt and confidently reach their potential is so impressive. She brings people with her and helps them feel empowered and ready to embrace change.

She has immense global experience. She has led teams from a range of countries and knows how to operate and influence across borders. Her positivity, ability to listen and demonstrated empathy have supported many to help them embrace and contribute to change programmes.

Stephen Heathcote

Chief Executive Officer at PrimeGlobal